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Thesis and Dissertation Supervision at Fukui Prefectural University

Master’s Thesis

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Doctoral dissertation

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D2(Theme: Coming soon)

D2(Theme: Coming soon)

D2(Theme: Coming soon)

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Teaching Responsibilities at Fukui Prefectural University

Faculty of Nursing and Social Welfare Sciences

2001- Illness, People, Society

2001- Social Welfare Science

Graduate School of Social Welfare Science

Medical Anthropology

Health Communication

Research Methods in Nursing

Graduate School of Health and Human Life Sciences

Health and Human Life Sciences

Health and Social Welfare Sciences

Teaching Responsibilities at Sapporo Medical University

School of Health Science

2001- Sociology

2001- Cultural Anthropology

2001- Women’s Studies

School of Medicine

2002-2004 Women’s Studies

2007 Medical Anthropology

2015-2018 Medical Sociology

2016- Medical Anthropology

2018 Thanatology

Graduate School of Health Sciences

2001- Human Science Research Methods

2016- Women’s Health Care

Graduate Course in Midwifery

2016- Reproductive Health

Other diverse responsibilities, including, supervisor of graduate students, examiner of master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation.

Part-time lectures

Cultural Anthropology: Faculty of Social Welfare, Iwate Prefectural University

Reproductive Health and Culture: School of Nursing and Social Services/Graduate School of Dentistry, Health Sciences University of Hokkaido

Medical Anthropology: Department of Nursing, Faculty of Nursing and Nutrition/ Graduate School of Nursing and Nutrition Division of Nursing, Tenshi College

Invited Lectures, Seminars, 2001 until the present


2000 Exploring the Cultural Context of HIV Risk-taking Behaviors among Young Factory Workers in Northern Thailand during Industrial Transition. Chiang Mai University, Faculty of Education, Chiang Mai

2003 Applied Medical Anthropological Study on Sexual and Reproductive Health among Young Industrial Workers in Northern Thailand Mahidol University, Department of Society and Health and Center for Health Policy Studies, Thailand


2008 Niigata University (School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine)

2011-2013 Tokyo University (Graduate School of Medicine)

2012 Hokkaido University (Faculty of Letters)

2015 The Hokkaido Centre for Family Medicine

2017 Kyoto University (Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies)

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