Health Ethnography
Medical Anthropological and Global Health Perspectives on Human Health and Wellbeing

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Invited Lectures, Seminars, 2001 until the present

2000 Exploring the Cultural Context of HIV Risk-taking Behaviors among Young Factory Workers in Northern Thailand during Industrial Transition. Chiang Mai University, Faculty of Education, Chiang Mai

2003 Applied Medical Anthropological Study on Sexual and Reproductive Health among Young Industrial Workers in Northern Thailand Mahidol University, Department of Society and Health and Center for Health Policy Studies, Thailand



All current informations have been updated: Book, Health Ethnography, Lectures and Child Health

Research areas Introduction

Medical Anthropology, Global Health, Pediatric Health & Medicine,
Medical and Health Sciences Education, Ethnography

I am a medical anthropologist with training in cultural anthropology and public health (global health). I have been involved with a variety of research projects related to the health and welfare of children and youth. Additionally, I am working toward the development of a model curriculum for the teaching of medical anthropology in Japan. Finally, I conduct fieldwork in various institutional settings such as multinational corporations, medical schools, primary schools, clinics and hospitals in Thailand and Japan through an ethnographic approach. I also engage in community research collaboration between medical, health, social scientists in Northern Japan.

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