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2023 Summer

Office: 411 Faculty of Nursing and Social Welfare Sciences Building 

Phone: +81-776-61-6000 ext.

Email: michinor@fpu.ac.jp

Key areas: Medical Anthropology, Global Health, Child and Adolescent Health,
Medical and Health Sciences Education, Health Ethnography (HG)

I am a medical anthropologist training in cultural anthropology and public health (global health). I conduct a variety of research projects related to the health and welfare of children and youth. Additionally, I am working toward developing a model curriculum for the teaching of medical anthropology in Japan. Finally, I conduct fieldwork in various institutional settings such as multinational corporations, medical schools, primary schools, clinics and hospitals in Thailand and Japan through a health ethnographic approach. I also engage in community-based research collaborations between medical, health, and social scientists in Japan’s Hokuriku and Hokkaido regions.

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